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Sodankylä NSDC provides different possibilities to process products. Depending on the process, it may be done in a virtual environment or in a cluster processing system. Table below shows the current NSDC processing capacity. A normal lifetime of ICT hardware at FMI is three years so basically every three years there are more powerful hardware available which means more processing power and capacity.

The processing component provides cluster and virtual processing environment for hosting different processing components and value added product generation. The Processing component consists of:

  1. Applications processing component that process value added product for specific data users. These processing lines have been developed previously or are being developed at the moment.
  2. Hosted services are Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution designed to host commercial software that can be used by NSDC customers.
  3. Hosted processing service is virtual/cloud processing service designed to provide processing capacity to the customers and users of NSDC capabilities and access to the data.

NSDC uses Red Hat Enterprise made virtual environment. The virtualization enables users to select any operating system they want.