CryoLand - Copernicus Service Snow and Land Ice

CryoLand is aimed at developing, implementing and validating a standardized and sustainable service on snow and land ice monitoring as a Downstream Service within Copernicus in a value added chain with the Land Monitoring Core Services. The service will provide geospatial products on the seasonal snow cover, glaciers, and lake / river ice derived from Earth observation satellite data in response to user needs. Operational processing lines and service infrastructure for various product types will be developed on top of existing Web service environments supporting the publication, provision and chaining of geospatial data services. User information services offering interactive maps, search and order functions via Web browsers will be designed in a corporate 'CryoLand Geoportal'.
Full end to end system tests and verification in pre-operational environment will be performed in cooperation with users in near real time. Finally the transition of the services developed within the project to an operational self-supportive snow and ice monitoring service is planned.