Virtual and Cloud Services

Satellite data has traditionally been processed in monolithic processing centres or downloaded to users' computers. Downloading the massive data sets are in many cases the bottle neck of the processing chain. Using the centralized processing centers that has all the key components (data, auxiliary data, software, hardware) users' need to only transfer their codes and download the end-products which are usually much smaller than the input data. In addition, the centralized centres can also provide the data dissemination service. NSDC provides virtual and cloud services to its project partners as well as to external users for different purposes.

  • Fast access to data concerning certain themes, including satellite data, in-situ data
  • Processing capacity (cloud, grid, clusters) / IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)
  • Processing software (toolboxes, commercial sw) / PaaS (Processing as a Service)
  • General platform functionality (user management, access control, accounting, security, portals)
  • Data archiving and dissemination using S3 interface
Schematics of centralized data processing services